At Heart in the Clouds, sustainability is the heart of our business. From packaging to operations – we like to think green. We know how important sustainability initiatives are to our customers, and that is why they are just as important to us. 



Packaging – We have switched our packaging to 100% reusable and recyclable. We use reusable boxes, recyclable shipping materials, and keep sake velvet pouches to keep your jewelry safe.


This year, we’re encouraging you to help us cut down on packaging. At checkout, add a note expressing you would like our "less packaging" option. (This means no box or tissue, however you still receive our reusable pouch!)


Gold filled – Our long-lasting jewelry encourages re-use and discourages re-purchase.


90% of our jewelry is made with 18K gold-filled materials. When properly cared for, gold-filled pieces can last as long as solid gold with tarnishing or rubbing off.


Selling gold-filled pieces allows us to promote long-lasting jewelry without the need for repurchasing pieces that tarnish easily and produce waste.


One of a Kind Sustainable Jewelry – Keep an eye out for when we launch our One of a Kind collections – they go fast!


This is our vintage collection curated of pieces we have collected and repurposed. They are handcrafted to last.


We take pride in how these pieces encourage sustainable jewelry, while staying away from fast fashion.


Small Inventory – We only stock what we absolutely need.


In order to cut down on waste and keep a large inventory of supplies, we only order what is necessary. This helps avoid waste and encourage a more sustainable process.